Thursday, June 23, 2005

I'm back

I moved house (again).
I went to Darwin.
I came back with the second worst virus I've ever had.
The drugs (prescription) are starting to do what they're supposed to do.
The fog is lifting.

midnight swim in Darwin

I took you to the beach
where I hoped things made more sense
too much sense it seems
before the moon had a chance to spit some gin in my eye
and provide some real inspiration
you said
get me out of this postcard
it's too beautiful here
I want crazy tonight
bury me so deep in crazy
that I don't know my arse from my multi-coloured propeller driven hat
you see those lights out on the point
yes, I said
well, each of those lights represent another good reason why we shouldn't be alone together
in a place like this
can you count the lights?
no, I said, there's too many of them
that's why we gotta go baby
you grabbed my hand
and we figure skated through the car park
to the phosphorescent lake on the other side
you ran to the shore
kicked and splashed until you were covered in sparkles
can you count these lights? you asked while backing into the midnight calm like a midnight cowgirl
no, I said, they keep disappearing
these lights, you said, are all the bad reasons we shouldn't be alone together
in a place like this
come here
I followed you in and seconds later discovered my mobile phone still in my pocket
that really fucks me off, I said
I held it up like a dead fish
half expecting it to gasp back to life and flip off my palm
while you cupped phosphorescent lake water into your hands and drained it over my head
to cover me in reasons
both good
and bad
until I couldn't tell the difference