Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Debut performance with Isnod tonight! Horse Bazaar.

After setting the scene over February at Horse Bazaar, on Feb 23rd DIALECTIC goes live with some guests!!!

featuring: ISNOD meets SEAN M WHELAN in person, in their first ever live onstage spoken word / music collaboration...

plus FOLCORE COLLECTIVO AUDIOVISUAL members DJ El Timbe & VJ O'Video stream in from BARCELONA... 10pm

and of course DIALECTIC residents LAPKAT and 555.

Japanese fare is served up from 5pm and the DIALECTIC sounds and visuals kick off from 8pm. Gold coin donation during live performance.


ISNOD: Music composer Isnod has been performing solo and collaboratively for nearly six years. He has done a variety of things on his musical path, including support for artists as diverse as Mike Patton, Luke Vibert and Squarepusher. Damian has also proven a dab hand at remixing tunes for a variety of folk and at being commissioned for soundscape-y soundtrack work. He has created several soundtracks for contemporary dance pieces; composed sonics for several short films; and created a soundscape for the Melbourne Fringe Fashion Festival made entirely from sounds recorded backstage on the night of the parade. When DJing, he has been known to set the dancefloor alight. Literally.

SEAN M WHELAN: Sean M Whelan writes for performance, paper and pixels. He has published two books of poetry, Love is the New Hate and Tattooing the Surface of the Moon. He programs Babble, a long running spoken word event in Melbourne and is one of the co-coordinators of Liner Notes, a series of readings that are spoken word tributes to iconic albums. Sean also performs his poetry and stories with a band called The Interim Lovers. An album by the Interim Lovers called ‘Softly & Suddenly’ was released in October 2010. He has just begun working with Isnod, recording a commissioned piece for Red Leaves, a joint Japanese/Australian literary journal.

Folcore Colectivo Audiovisual

EL TIMBE: DJ, El Timbe, currently residing in Barcelona, is a great exponent of the new, international tropical sound, and forms part of the audiovisual collective folCORE. His sets represent an injection of clean, fresh energy. The technique for his sessions is very precise and based on his infinite collection of music, the tastiest and newest styles that spring up daily all over the world. Nu Cumbia, Kuduro, Baile Funk, Kwaito, or Dumbia, are just some of the styles that fight it out in his sets. TIMBERISM is his new series of mixtapes edited by GENERATION BASS, and they are turning out to be a storming success. At the moment he is working from his studio in the Raval, in Barcelona on new sonic crossovers, the most bastard sounds, in search of a new alchemy in tropical rhythms.

VJ O'VIDEO: VJ O'video y su Opendesktop” is a digital artistic performance. It's collage of fixed and moving images with digital brushes. It's the result of an investigation over the possibilities to unify different applications to manifest an idea or an artistic creation translated to a V-jing realm. The manipulation of this open system, the fusion of static images and in movement works as a live act and opens the possibilities to a digital gestural expression. One of the objective of the project is to open the act of creation trough art and technology to people. Showing a different format to rise the interests towards the use of new tools for the artistic creation and raise the creativity. It's important to underline the simplicity and functionality of the interface. During the investigation I realized how the possibilities are much more opened then I thought at first.

DIALECTIC : weekly wednesdays in February at Horse Bazaar in Melbourne

global exploratory beats meet multi-lingual spoken word

featuring LAPKAT (Lisa Greenaway) & 555 (Brendan Palmer)

8.30pm onwards (8pm in LIVE nights) ... free entry

LAPKAT is Lisa Greenaway, a spoken word specialist, for the last five years editor of global literary / spoken word journal "Going Down Swinging". Her LAPKAT DJ tangent explores the intersection of music and other sounds with the human voice. Voices speaking in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Arabic, Persian, Hindi, French, Dutch (and beyond) feature, as well as found voices and atmospheres, sound artists and atmospheric moods.

555 (cinco cinco cinco) is Brendan Palmer, the brains behind Uber Lingua, a trans-cultural DJ and host of nationally syndicated Dialectic Radio. For 5 months in 2010 Brendan toured Europe, absorbing, performing, gathering sounds, conducting interviews, and sending Dialectic episodes back to Australia from Berlin, Cologne, Southern Poland, Vienna, Budapest, London, Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Lisbon and Istanbul. He has returned to reveal a massive stock pile of sounds.

In collaboration and performing solo, these two will reveal audible freestyle interactions of language, culture and musicology. Come early for Horse Bazaar's now renowned Japanese menu, complimented by minimal sonic textures. Later on the energy will build.

Recorded for broadcast on Dialectic Radio, syndicated across Australia and NZ on the Community Radio Network Satellite, and over the net on

A two hour weekly program, since 2005 Dialectic has featured contributors from places such as Mexico, Argentina, Scotland, India, South Africa, Botswana, Costa Rica, Reunion Island, Bulgaria, Brasil, France, Russia, Portugal, Switzerland, Macedonia, Indonesia, Spain, Argentina, Greece, Turkey, Sierra Leone, Israel, Kenya, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Chile, Colombia, Angola, England, Ireland, USA & Wales…

The Dialectic event seeks to extend these radio based interactions into an live club context. Though February 2011, LAPKAT and 555 will set the foundations for further conceptual expansion.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Stood on the street corner in the early evening
and stopped to watched a jet plane leaving a temporary scar
on a permanent sky.
Its belly shone with the last of the sun.
We used to write our names in the sky with vapour trails.
And soon you'll do it again.
But you'll do it alone.