Saturday, December 16, 2006

Book Magazine Book

Was fortunate enough recently to have the first issue of Book Magazine Book handed along to me. BMB is a fascinating art project, a book that is collectively created by handing the book along to somebody of your choice once you've made a contribution to it.
Each book is themed but it's entirely up to the individual what you place in it.
Previous contributors to me were Ladycracker and EZB. I've handballed it to the more than capable Klare Lanson.
Fifty Two of these books are being sent out over the next year.
Who knows where they'll end up?
Here's some pics of my contributions to the book, plus a higher res image of one of the visual poems I placed in it.
If you want to be a part of this project then check the website.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Launch of Going Down Swinging #24

Although my name isn't on the flyer (yeah, thanks Steve) I will be appearing as DJ Price Check (my new DJ name) at the fabulous event that is the launch of the brand new issue of Going Down Swinging , issue #24. I also have a poem appearing in this edition - 100 Random Cows.
You want any more reasons to attend?
How about a specially commissioned performance by Klare Lanson! Yeah, that's right.
I don't think you need any more reason than that.
So, I'll see you there.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Seven Dead Astronauts, Seven New Stars - the play!

Okay it's time to dust of this blog and get it started again. And what better way to do that than to announce a brand new writing venture of mine. Theatre!
Short and Sweet is an open invitiation writing competition based around 10 minute plays. It's held in both Sydney and Melbourne.
This year I decided to adapt one of my poems and create a ten minute play from it. The process was much more difficult than I thought. But I was lucky enough to have my adaptation of the poem 'Seven Dead Astronauts, Seven New Stars' accepted.
The play is being performed Saturday 16th Dec at the Fairfax Theatre within the Arts Centre at 2pm. On the program will be nine other ten minute plays. So you get a lot of bite size theatre for your buck.
If you'd like to come along, my advice is to book as I'm advised it will probably sell it.
I've been very lucky to work with fantastic director called Alix Stirling. She has brought such amazing energy to the script and wasn't afraid of having to deal with seven dead astronauts on stage. And the cast have been fantastic too, including my own housemate Stefanie Robinson who randomly landed a part in my play! I can't wait to see them in action.
It's been quite amazing for me, having never written for actors before, to watch these characters I created come to life.
If you do come along, then please vote for our play too! If you like it, that is, of course.