Monday, January 30, 2006

One of the most amazing poets in the universe, alicia sometimes, finally has her own website. Here she is pictured above rowing down the Yarra one gorgeous afternoon, with another one of Melbourne's finest Klare Lanson enjoying the ride. Notice the t-shirt? I think they're available to buy at the website. I wonder what that word is concealed beneath her hand? Does is start with F? Just go to the website already! And discover the wonderful world of the wonderful alicia sometimes.

Monday, January 09, 2006

MC Babble this Wed night!

Babble & Awakenings proudly present!
A night of spoken-word, a-cappella & beat box performance by hip-hop
artists featuring Macromantics(Syd), Raceles (Curse Ov Dialect), Elf
Tranzporter & Izzy(Combat Wombat) The Purple Duck, Julez &
Ivens(Awakenings Crew), Litigate, Discourse, Pisces, Requiem and many
more... Live sets from: Ivens & Macromantics(Syd) plus DJ Bizzly
Wednesday 11th
Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

$5 entry.
8:30 pm start.

This will be a fantastic show!

Monday, January 02, 2006

teardrops in the garden

Here's another view of the studio at Varuna through the garden.
After a heavy rain storm I came out to see big round drops of rain clinging to the leaf of a plant like tears on the cheeks of a silent film starlet.
The weather is so passionate in the Blue Mountains. From deep fog, to bursting rays of sunshine to lush tropical-like rain fall.

The Studio in the Garden

This is the studio in the garden of Varuna where I spent most of my time. It was set a little way from the house which suited me fine. My bedroom however was in the main house where I would try and quietly tiptoe into late at night when I was finished writing or watching Deadwood on my computer or I was done staring at my screen for the second straight hour. The strange thing about the studio was there was no blind in the window so late at night I would just be staring out into the darkness of the garden. They had a sensor security light installed on the house which would light up when approaching the main house. But sometimes in the middle of the night the light would go on for no good reason leading my fervent imagination to visions of intruders in the garden!

Varuna House

So here's Varuna, The Writer's House nestled in the hills of Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. It's an incredibly gorgeous place where I was lucky enough to spend three weeks in November working on my writing courtesy of a fellowship I applied for. The house used to belong to Australian writer Eleanor Dark (1901-1985) and was given as a gift for the use of Australian writers by her son Michael Dark in honour of his parents. It's like a monastery for writers where you are never disturbed and left completely alone to write as much as you can, or to think about writing as much as you like, I was to discover that it's all part of the process.