Sunday, January 28, 2007


There are two detectives standing outside my house.
They look like two sixteen year old school girls.
But I see through their disguises.
So I put on my sister's dress and I walk out onto the front yard, just to show those two lousy coppers that I can disguise myself just as well as they can.
The two 'girls' laugh at me in a convincing fashion.
I think to myself, those detectives are good.
I decide to really throw them by turning up the Lolita factor.
I turn on the sprinkler and start skipping to and fro through the water.
The dress starts to cling.
The detectives turn to jelly, they know they haven't got the goods to match that.
They turn and run.
I go back inside and return to the backyard.
I lose the dress and put the labcoat back on.
The time machine is almost ready.
If I can just get the clothesline to spin fast enough.


Anonymous said...

Take me with you.

Lets go to 1745. A good year for I hear.

Sean M Whelan said...

1745 huh? Sounds good. I can't guarantee that will be the actual year we'll land in. The clothes line has been playing up a bit lately. But let's give it a shot.