Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Rooftop Bar Gig - in pictures!

Last Sunday to celebrate the third birthday of my collaboration with The Mime Set we played a very special gig on the Rooftop of Curtin House.
We did two sets and not even the rain cutting short our second set dampened the spirit of the evening. As you'll see in the pics!
This was also a unique gig as it was the first with drummer Bec Matthews. Hopefully the first of many!

Setting up the stage.

Sam Wareing.

Sam Wareing

Justin Avery.

Justin Avery.

Jonathan Shannon and Andrew Watson.

Jonathan Shannon.

Me and Sam Wareing being shielded from the rain by the wonderful Rooftop Bar Manager, Emily.


Anonymous said...

take me to this place - beaumont.

Anonymous said...

gee isn't Sam putting on weight