Wednesday, September 09, 2009

In Between Words tonight!

Tonight is my third gig in a week! I've been too busy to blog on the previous gigs but once tonight is over I'll be posting a retrospective on Liner Notes 8, Softly and Suddenly (my new band project) and See What I'm Talking About.
But first tonight!
In Between Words is a double book launch for Beautiful Waste and Vagabond Holes, both published by Fremantle Press.
Beautiful Waste is a collection of poetry written by the late, great David McComb formerly of amazing Australian band, The Triffids. Vagabond Holes is a collection of essays and articles written about The Triffids.
This should be a very special evening indeed as performing will be Evil Graham Lee and Rob McComb, both former Triffids members. As well as Judith Lucy, The Blackeyed Susans Trio, The Single Mens Drinking Club, Kieran Carroll and myself! There's also a rumour that Mick Harvey of the Bad Seeds might even perform as well.
This is a free gig. Held at Bar Open, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. Kicks off at 8. And both books will be available for sale on the night too.


Fitzroyalty said...

It was nice to see you again last night at this Sean! I was with Karen M - I'm Brian (author of the Fitzroyalty blog) and editor of the Melbourne local news sites.

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See Fitzroy for example. Over 300 local bloggers are already contributing. There’s no advertising and no exploitation of your content - just a convenient way for local people to read local news.


Anonymous said...

oh my god what a beautiful idea for a book. curse my countrified arse for being so far from melbourne and a day late finding out. oh i must have this book. oh i must.