Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Read You Bastards IV

I'm performing tonight at a wonderful event called Read You Bastards. It's at the Empress Hotel in North Fitzroy.
Here's their blurb on it below. Be great to see you there. (please disregard my misspelt surname in the poster.)

Part six of Read You Bastards, our April edition, delivers guest readers: Michaela McGuire (Apply Within, The Age) and Sean M Whelan (Tattooing the Surface of the Moon). Erik Hecht (Insititut Polaire) will sing your little socks off too.

As always we are open mike, so bring your delicious dishes of poetry, short fiction and non fiction to read to us bastards.

The mike is yours for up to four minutes, in between you might enjoy our saucy second hand door prizes, beer and tantalising bar food.

So please, come read, you bastards.

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Anna said...

Hi. I subscribed to your blog. Just saying. x