Sunday, May 15, 2005

the wall


Tuffy King Money said...

Hey man your photo's are becoming as impressive as your writing keep it up.

Love Tuffy Love

Soulless said...

I was taken aback by the caption. Intriguing.

Yupp, the wall. Sigh. I don't see it now... But on other days, when I visit here... it's all there is. Flat and solid.

Yeah, yeah. Call me moody. ^_^

Grass said...

Nice shot, great colours. Interesting writing too. It's a nice site you have here.

clint bo dean said...

this is a great poem, stw. one of your best - the amount you manage to say in so few - oh, i see. no words at all. get the hell back from the top end.

all my best,