Thursday, October 20, 2005

Death To Your Dreams: in pictures and words.

pics by Em and M.

Where do I start in trying to describe the evening which was the debut of the show Death to Your Dreams?
I am still stunned by how incredibly well the show went and I'd like to send out a warm and sincere THANK YOU to everybody that came along on the night and witnessed the collaboration between myself and the amazing band that is the mime set comprising of Sam Wareing, Andrew Watson, Chris Chapple and Justin Avery. I'd also like to thank Ai Yamamoto for her amazing work with visuals on the night, some of which you can see in these pictures.
We all put a lot of work into the show but none of us really knew if it would work or not in front of a live audience. Somehow though all the planets aligned on this magical evening and I felt this incredible atmosphere in the room even before we started. It was a late start due to various factors beyond our control, to anybody who had to leave before the show commenced I do apologise, there was nothing we could do but rest assured you will get another chance.
That's right, due to the overwhelming success of its debut, Death to Your Dreams will be returning shortly! Dates and venues are yet to be confirmed but it will definitely be announced right here as soon as we know.
The other good news is that the show was digitally and multi-track recorded.
We have big plans for the show which myself and the mime set will be discussing and formulating soon.
Keep an eye on this space for more details.


Dan said...

great pics whelan.

looks like you are making the rumor come true.

spoken word artists can be rock stars.

love to get a listen to the recording...

LadyCracker said...

lovely, so sad I missed it and you at B and M's on the weekend. Need some face time soon!

richardwatts said...

Hoopy! And don't Miss Sam look like a indie love goddess of cool?

Gempires said...

Damn legendary performance it was, Mister Shaun. Just look at him, people! Ain't it sassy?!

Gempires said...

I mean, Mister Sean. Sorry.

babigata said...

hey to glad to hear it went awesomely! i'll definetly be getting a copy of the recording...introduce the wonders of you to the and miss you heaps

clint bo dean said...

is that a du-rag under your hat?


Penny said...

That first picture of you all in yellow and then the pink kindred spirit next to you, is amazing.

I imagined her as not real at all, just everything you write about, coming along, manifesting as you speak.

Great pic!

Anonymous said...

amazing photos...especially the first one.
very impressed.
so glad you broke my spoken word virginity.
let me know about the other dates so i can spread the love
x bbbmomma

Anonymous said...

Very weird. I'd done a search on Justin Avery and Blog and came up with this site.

The results were Justin Avery, M Whelan.

Funnily enough I went to school with a Matthew Whelan and thought someone had blogged about old times.

Had a look at your site though, very impressed, keep up the good work.