Saturday, October 01, 2005

Death to Your Dreams - a spoken word & musical collaboration

This year as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival I will be performing in a show called Death To Your Dreams, written by myself and a fantastic Melbourne band by the name of The Mime Set. Below is the press release for the show, this will give some idea of what to expect.


Sean M. Whelan & the mime set


Death To Your Dreams

Hear the waking dream of love in conversation with spoken word, music and visuals. This collaboration, between poet Sean M. Whelan and Lynch-ian musicians The Mime Set melds lush soundscapes, lyrics and imagery to the words of one of Melbourne's finest poets. After creating a Mutual Admiration Society, Sean M. Whelan and the mime set performed together in April 2005 and decided to use Fringe as an opportunity to further explore the correspondences between Sean’s surreal romantic poetry and the mime set’s textured, emotional music. Death To Your Dreams, named after a mime set song, is an unabashedly romantic collaboration, capturing the reverberations between words spoken and sung, poetic metre and musical rhythm, performance and the melodic promise of poetry.

"Whelan dances back and forth in multiple perspectives, switching fluidly from experiencing to observing, from self to other, from ordinary to absurd, magically traversing all barriers in between.” Cordite Poetry Review.

the mime set craft their songs carefully, and it shows… [with] a spirit that will find its way quietly into your hearts and minds.” Losing Today (UK)


For those in Melbourne it will be great to see you at the show. It's on Sunday Oct 9th at Bar Open on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, 9:30pm and it's free entry.
For those not in Melbourne, plans are in motion to record a CD of this collaboration. Watch this space for more details.


richardwatts said...

That poor insect. Where on earth did you find that photo, Sean?

LadyCracker said...

So sorry cracker! please forgive me... I promise I'll make it up to you.

David Prater said...

hey sean, hey richie, hey LC!!!! It's davey here, just dropping by to say hi. Hope the show was HUGE, sean, and I want to see the pics from it going straight to wallpaper, dude.


richardwatts said...

So Sean, how was the gig? Inquiring minds want to know!

Seri Vida said...

My god what a mindblowing show! I swear I nearly cried! Seriously Sean, I mean we knew you were good but now you're really raising the bar. The Mime Set were fantastic and your presence on stage was trully professional. I for one hope this colaboration will take the stage again. The magical realism of your writing and the soaring melodies of the Mime Set are portrayed with such SINCERITY. It really stood strong. Yeah baby!

richardwatts said...

Ok now I'm really pissed off I missed it. That will teach me to party on well into Sunday morning after Saturday's fringe awards...

Sean M Whelan said...

Hey Richard, yes that poor insect! The photo actually came from an excellent photographer Andrew Watson, who found that bug on his number plate after a long road trip. Andrew Watson also happens to the be the guitarist in the mime set!

LC, don't worry, the show will be on again!

Davey, great to hear from you buddy, i know I owe you an email and it's coming real soon I promise!

Sweet Seri, thanks so much for your kind words. Was so glad you were there to share in the experience. It really was a fairytale evening. x sean.