Monday, January 02, 2006

teardrops in the garden

Here's another view of the studio at Varuna through the garden.
After a heavy rain storm I came out to see big round drops of rain clinging to the leaf of a plant like tears on the cheeks of a silent film starlet.
The weather is so passionate in the Blue Mountains. From deep fog, to bursting rays of sunshine to lush tropical-like rain fall.


Gempires said...

Oh for god's sake, welcome back you officially bona fide writer you.

Amanda said...

love the pics you put up here. great to read all the updates too, keeping track of the poetry happenings. good to see you back.

my cents said...

I have to say it.. maybe it's just me.. but that leaf is extremely uh.. sexual..

can one type testicles on blogs

But, I love the picture!

Comic Mummy said...

I've always wanted to see Varuna and from this angle it's even more romanticised in my mind.

I like your stuff, by the way.