Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Trying to Write

Writing a poem about writing poetry,
Is like a snake trying to bite its own arse.
I just ate my own arse.


Monkey Girl said...

Er.. I don't think snakes have arses do they? ... how are you dude? Well? ;-)

Anonymous said...

writing a poem about snakes
on a blog
is like trying to charm the pants
of an arse you'd like to eat.

Sean M Whelan said...

Stormweava - nice to hear from ya! everybody has an arse. some are just better hidden than others.
Anonymous - great poem. i wish i wrote that. at least i can take comfort in the fact that i inspired it.

Anonymous said...

Sean -

You inspire my emotional core so much, that sometimes I wish I could cut myself in half and see if there is one of those stars...

good d.

Penny said...

Seriously.. every so often when I'm down.. I hit your sight and without fail you make me smile. Today, you made me laugh myself right off my chair. That's four lines about a whole lot of things I do just like that. Excellent! lol!

Penny said...

a haiku for you..

loving for love's sake
like writing for the paper
is pretty but vain

I love your poetry, though, sean m whelan.. please post more!

Sean M Whelan said...

hey penny. thanks so much for kind words. and a personal haiku! wow. i'm truly honoured.
none of which i deserve, because i'm such a bad blogger lately. i'll try to be better in future.