Saturday, March 25, 2006

one day

One day I’ll learn how to breathe underwater

and plunging to the bottom of the bay won’t be such a problem

and I’ll linger down there,

because it’s dark and simple,

just like me.

And I’ll shake the hands of murdered drug dealers with bad judgment and cement feet

and their water logged smiles will tell me that they know something I don’t,

that maybe being dead is funny

and then I’ll know

that if being dead is funny,

then being alive

must be fucking hilarious.


Penny said...


No doubt.

angela vasquez-giroux said...

the tone of this poem is perfect. the humor and simplicity almost disguise how well-written and crafted this poem is.

Penny said...

Very astute angel vasquez-giroux! I agree.

sarah said...

hey sean, I just read your Lou Barlow / Sebadoh post. I am with you in finding Bakesale an album that I never really get sick of. I'm also very envious of you having seen Lou in what sounds like fine form! By contrast Dinosaur Jnr the night before was quite tame - Jay and Lou didn't end up in fisticuffs on stage contrary to expectation. Anyway, you're an indie rocker and nothing's gonna stopya.

Sean M Whelan said...

Penny - thanks so much for always kind words.
Angela - thank you too for comments. Really appreciate them. I'm a big fan of simplicity in poetry and like you I believe through the use of simple language there is the power to say so much.
Sarah - My envy back at ya! You see the Dinosaur show! Oh man, i was so going to that but then i waited too long to buy a ticket and then the damn shows were sold out. I was gutted! Lou had a few funny things to say about the Dinosaur shows. He's quite a witty man on stage.

Cul-de-sac(Lee) said...

A good read about dodgy content matter and a happy ending to boot! Enjoyed it.
Now just point me in the direction of some political poetry and my day will be made. Most Aus sites seem tame, or no ones interested in whats going down. cheers.