Monday, September 04, 2006

Queensland Poetry Festival - a triumph!

What can I say? Brisbane was an absolute blast. I loved the Queensland Poetry Festival from start to finish.
I was lucky enough to meet some fantastic individuals. If i was ever in the habit of sending Xmas cards, (which I ain't), but if I did, I would surely be sending them this year to the following people whom I met for the first time at QPF. Mandy Beaumont, Jules Beveridge, Graham Nunn, Marc Smith, Emily XYZ, Myers Bartlett, Hinemoana Baker, Peter Minter, Marc Kelly Smith, Andy White and many more! They're just the participants too, i met some amazing punters at all the gigs too. As well as hanging out with some of my Melbourne buddies in the form of alicia sometimes, Amelia Walker, Ian McBryde and my roomie for the weekend Grant Caldwell.
I never attended a writers festival which was run as smoothly and professionally as this one was. Great facilities too at the Judith Wright Centre where most of the gigs were held.
All my gigs went swimmingly well. My first night in Brisbane I co-hosted a slam with David 'Ghostboy' Stavenger and with the Slampapi himself, Marc Kelly Smith from Chicago, the founder of Slam Poetry! We had a huge crowd that night and the whole room was totally into it.
And everything just got better from there.
My hat is off to everybody involved and to the punters of Brisbane who came out to support it.


Dan said...

what is it with poets called emily or emilie or whatever and the letter Z?

Surely we need a wrestlemania cage match between Emily XYZ and Emilie "EZB" Zoey Baker to determine who gets to use the letter Z!

fizzlesticks said...

Ahoy hoy! Great meeting you at QPF; I was disappointed not to be able to get to any of your gigs (studying O.o). However, I did pick up Love is the New Hate, and it is fantastic!

Zen xox

emilyxyz said...

hi Sean -- I am looking forward to receiving that Xmas card, dammit! love, emily xyz

Myers Bartlett said...

Hi Sean!
If I never get that x-mas card
no worries as I'm the lucky
recipient of a Whelan original...
thanks for the beautiful note/
drawing in my copy of Love is the New Hate. Best autograph I ever got.
Your words rock my soul. Every
time I pick it up I read it cover
to cover.
Any chance of seeing some of your pictures from the festival? Whenever you get the chance we'd love to see them. All the best and send a shout out to Ian And Alicia.