Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Queensland Poetry Festival

This Wednesday I leave for Brisbane for the Queensland Poetry Festival! I'm really excited about this event. I have several readings, one panel and on the night I arrive I'm co-hosting a slam with Brisbane's very own Ghostboy. If you're in the Brisbane area and feel like checking out some of the festival go here and have a look at the program online. The poster above is only for one of the many events happening over the week. Brisbane here I come!


David Prater said...

Hope you slay em, Sean.


Barney Danger said...

So... how did it go?

Dan said...

Man - why did you never write a poem about the fact that Mr.Barmey Danger looks so much like Cristen O'Keefe Aptowicz boyfriend???

It is freaky.

Compare above photo with pics in this link -