Thursday, March 08, 2012


I'm performing at this gig tonight to celebrate International Women's Day.
Here's the blurb on the gig by Super Babe Femmo Organiser, the amazing Karen Pickering.

Cherchez la Femme returns for 2012 with a one-off extravag-anza to celebrate International Women's Day in true femmo style. We'll save the serious panel business for next time because I've lined up my all-time dream-team of singers, dancers, actors, musicians, poets, comics, thinkers and performers to hit the Grace Darling bandroom, show us their love of the ladies and tell us why being a feminist matters to them. I can scarcely contain myself as I announce the line-up here:

KATE BOSTON SMITH (Cabaret Star, Kitty Bang, Show Off)
EMILIE ZOEY BAKER (Slam Champion, Endless Lover, Crack-Up)
ANDREW MARLTON (First Dog on the Moon, Poet, Oracle)
HELEN RAZER (Writer, Raconteur, Sexy Mama)
CLEM BASTOW (Femmo, Neo-Stoner, Cosplaya)
SEAN M WHELAN (The Boss - of Poetry, Dream Guy)
ALICIA SOMETIMES (Broadcaster, Poet, Hottie)
CHRISTINA ARNOLD (Lead Signer of The Perfections, Bangin' Broad)
BEN POBJIE (Poet, Writer, Comic, Spy)
EMILY JARRETT (Singer with Go-Go Sapien, Robobabe)
BEN McKENZIE (Professional Nerd-Wonder, Comic, Fox)
JANE DUST (Singer, Love Child of Burt Bacharach & Emmy-Lou Harris)
CLEMENTINE FORD (Boner-Killer, Abortion-Enthusiast, Got Swag)
JESSICA ALICE (Poet, Broadcaster, Honey)
SHAKIRA HUSSEIN (Academic, Thinker, Fighter)
SERI VIDA (Singer, Musician, Rad Lady)
and DJ sets from LISA GREENAWAY (of DJ Lapkat fame, Beatmaster)

I will host the hell outta this thing. I will also be working hard to facilitate a Band-Aid-style closing number that will send a secret encoded message to Germaine Greer, so concentrated will be its femmo power.

Appropriately named after a feminist hero, The Grace Darling will be our charming venue for the evening at 114 Smith St, Collingwood. We'll kick off at 7pm and let the lady love continue throughout the night with breaks for cuddling and kissing. The kitchen will be open for you to purchase delicious foods and the drinks will flow for anyone who wants 'em.

Tickets are $15 on the door with proceeds going to womens' refuges here in Melbourne.

It will be a magical night of laughter, a few tears and some serious gynocentric power. I hope to see you at CLF for IWD at the GD. T Y.

Karen x

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