Sunday, September 05, 2004

dreams of an evil bunny

working on no sleep... again.
well, a little sleep, kind of. in that floating a centimetre above the mattress kind of way.
there's a fat man sitting on the bench out the front of the shop. he's holding up a sign with something written on it. i can't read the writing from here. he's waiting for something or someone. he's just like everybody else, waiting for something to happen.
I wonder if he's holding up a poem.
I keep hearing things that seem to float past me. tiny auditory hallucinations. like invisible AM radios falling from the sky and then collapsing into little puffs of transistor nothing.
a.k.a. sleep deprivation.
it's kinda nice though.
soft suffering.
those spaces shifting around you. could fall into those and never be seen again.
damn i love the guitar refrain in free so free by j mascis. it's playing now in my head. but playing for real, i think.
favourite song today: someone said - j mascis.
this is one of those days when guitars matter. this is one of those days that gets described as one of those days. a marshmallow jigsaw puzzle. and i'm eating all the pieces one by one.
the fat man with the sign gets up and walks away.
this is my first blog.

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David Prater said...

Luke Skywalker: "I'm not afraid!"

Yoda: "You will be."