Tuesday, September 14, 2004

what was that ride called? the gravitron?

The images below are taken from the French film Les Quatre Cents Coups or The 400 Blows by Francois Truffaut. I watched this film for the first time today while laid up sick in bed with the flu. It was perfectly suited to a hazy flu-struck mind because it's one of those films that just kind of ambles along and on the surface at least, very little seems to actually happen. Apparently semi-autobiographical to Truffaut it charts the rough existence of a 14 year old Parisian boy. Unwanted by his parents and victimised by his teacher at school he resorts to a life of petty theft. The real charm in this film is the performance of the young child actor and the B&W cinematography.
My favourite scene is where the boy and his friend take off from school to go to a fun fair and end up going on one of those rides which is just a huge barrel that spins around fast enough to make you stick to the wall. What the hell was that ride called? I know they had one at Luna Park in Melbourne once.
This was also a real surprise because my friend Emilie Zoey Baker wrote about one of these such rides in the group poem we performed at the Sleepers Bam Slam held recently at the Melbourne Writers Festival (along with alicia sometimes and Terry Jaensch). We are also recording the very same poem, Lament for an Eighties Lover for Radio National this Friday. Not sure when it's actually going to air. Watch this space for further details.
So it's funny how an odd thing like a ride that sticks people to walls through the malicious use of anti-gravity can pop up several times at once like that.


Anonymous said...

it's called the gravitron, but i guess you worked that out...i like your blog!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog~