Thursday, March 24, 2005

exit stage starboard

you were in my dream last night
just a bit part
you walked in the room
waved and said hi
I was sitting in a chair made out of hundreds of small brass anchors
I raised my hand
which turned into a fish
and waved it back at you
you said
i'm not hanging around this nautical themed dream
the overt symbolism
suggesting that you're out of your depth around me
so painfully obvious
I can't stand it

and you walked out of the room
which was more of a deck really
I lowered my hand
which swam off into my pajamas
I turned to Leonardo DiCaprio who had been in the corner knitting a lifejacket out of seaweed
and said
do you think she saw you?
no, i don't think so he replied
I said, that would have really made her mad.


Gone Away said...

Very funny. Trust an Ozzie to get the humor right... ;)

Penny said...

I love this. I always do though.. so where is the chapbook I was hoping for? ;) I want to read you when I want to, wherever.

sunbather said...

too funny! just for that, i am blogmarking you. be warned.