Sunday, March 20, 2005


Late night street
walking with friends
car goes by
somebody sticks their head out the window and yells
that's nice
at least somebody does
five minutes later
another car goes by in the opposite direction
and another head appears out the window and shouts
it's good to get a different perspective on things
and at least we were loved
for a little while


stray said...

not necisarily differing opinions..
Jesus loves mankind, mankind hate eachother.

But that raises a question, how can one love someone who hates whom he loves?
The human race is in it to win, and will trample humanity without remorse.

Sean M Whelan said...

Uh yeah... I should point out that this poem has nothing to do with Jesus. It's about the extremes of being offered love one moment and then being rejected so soon after. Thanks for stopping by anyway.

David Prater said...

That's funny, because your picture on the front page makes you look exactly like Jesus. Peace, man.

Penny said...


Sean M Whelan said...

Yes! Penny, I'm glad you thought it was funny. And Davey D, Jesus? Gee, i was really going for more of a Kris Kristofferson look.

bopperholly said...

just wanna say I enjoyed that, great witing.

Soulless said...

both intentional; both screams of honesty. and yet polar opposites. we get what we deserve... and in a world of gray, we decide which is which. ^_^

Billy said...

yea opposites of the same existence.

Gone Away said...

A sense of balance, at least...

Freaki said...

Love is a funny thing. If it is not reciprocated it will most often turn to hate.

Deepu George V said...

Perspective really matters. And I liked the simple way of expressing it.

frankysbride said...

That's a classic! :-)

carrie said...

Being told to get out of the street does not necessarily indicate rejection; perhaps they were looking out for you!