Saturday, April 01, 2006

Death to Your Dreams Returns!

The show I performed last year with the mime set at the Melbourne Fringe Festival is being performed again on Saturday 8th April. Death to Your Dreams was my first attempt at collaborating with a band to put on a full length show and I was very proud of what we achieved. So I'm very pleased to get the opportunity to put it on again.
Death To Your Dreams explores the waking dream of love with spoken word, music and visuals.
The show is being presented as part of the Emerging Writer's Festival, a fantastic event spanning three days from April 7 - 9th.
We'll be performing on the Saturday night at the Spanish Club, 59-61 Johnston St, Fitzroy as part of an event called Scrabble - the best in wordplay. It's a fantastic lineup of artists which also includes Joelistics (TZU), Grand Salvo, Tom Keily - Australian Team Poetry Slam Champion, Little G, Ben Pobje, Justin Heazlewood plus the launch of Voiceworks #64 Outskirts!


richardwatts said...

fucking great gig last night man - well done to you and the band (who sounded like mogwai meets the dirty three) - just superb.

Penny said...

Happy Easter.

Penny said...

April will soon be over.