Friday, May 19, 2006


the last time they collided
she formed a rock band out of her fingers
and went on a grueling four hour tour across his body
coast to coast
and toes to nose
she drew stars on his chest with her eyeliner pen
and painted planets across his stomach with her lipgloss
by the time she left
all the stars and painted planets
had melted and morphed into comets
and for days afterwards he kept discovering
splinters of glitter
upon his lips


Sheila said...

Im not sure what to say, great writing and I was intitially drawn to the image

Sean M Whelan said...

thank you sheila, the image is a light fitting at the builders arms hotel in fitzroy that caught my eye one night.

Emily said...

oh, i love it!

Penny said...

Wow. Those words had some crazy effect on me.

I have loved finding (and leaving) splinters of glitter.. reminiscent of those "small spaces where satisfaction lingers.." to quote you to yourself

Delicious and bright. I enjoyed this immensely.

sootie said...

Hmmm I think Andy Warhol would like that one ;-)

Penny said...

I listened to you. I will mail you, soon.

You rock a lot of worlds.

clintbodean said...

That picture reminds me of how my head feels right now - everything's turning country. Thanks,


j. said...

oh i do love you smw. (started doing the "abrieviate everyones name" thing just now, just for you, oh what an inspiration you is)...