Thursday, June 15, 2006

a reading in Castlemaine

Hey there folks. I'll be giving a reading this Sunday the 18th June in the picturesque surroundings of Castlemaine. The Poets Castle (The Albion Hotel - Wesley Hill) 3pm - 5pm. I believe it's a gold coin donation entry. If you're in the countryhood, please drop by and say hello!


Anonymous said...

i should have been there. but was home in bed fighting head demons...hope you liked my h-o-m-e t-o-w-n and i'm sure that literary couple from chewton made it a nice day.

take care.


Sean M Whelan said...

No worries Dan. I'll be back! I love your h-o-m-e t-o-w-n! Had a great time. It was a beautifully sunny day too. I'll let you know next time I'm up there.