Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Death To Your Dreams Returns!

I'm very pleased to let you all know that after two very successful performances at Bar Open in 2005 and then The Spanish Club for the Emerging Writer's Festival this year, Death To Your Dreams is returning next week to be performed at Manchester Lane in the city. For those that came in late DTYD is a collaboration between myself and a very sexy rock band called The Mime Set. We have booked new shows coming up in the Fringe Festival, so this may be the last time we perform this show in its current incarnation. For more info on the show including MP3's etc, check the info below.
It would make me so happy to see you there.

warm regards

sean m whelan

Death To Your Dreams press release
Conceived by Melbourne poet Sean M Whelan and emotive rock band the mime set during a residency at The Builder's Arms in April last year, Death To Your Dreams was written to be an integrated show, rather than readings with music, where the music and texts were improvised together in the rehearsal room or carefully tailored to fit strong existing works. With clear correspondences between Sean M. Whelan's surreal romantic poetry and the mime set's textured, emotional music, the waking dream of unrequited love is explored in Death To Your Dreams, melding landscapes, lyrics and imagery to the words of one of Melbourne's finest poets. With support from startling bass voice Oliver Mann, Death To Your Dreams comes to the lush surrounds of city jazz den Manchester Lane on Wednesday July 19. Doors open 8.30pm and tickets are just $10 from the door.
Prior to the show, Death To Your Dreams plays a RRR live-to-air on Jonathan Alley's show Under The Sun on Sunday 16th after 6pm.
Two tracks will be played live to air on 3RRR's Under The Sun (102.7FM or streaming online at www.rrr.org.au along with an interview on Sunday the 16th of July around 6:30pm.
"...and lastly, the most perfect merging of spoken word and rock music I've ever seen: the pairing of poet and writer Sean Whelan with The Mime Set. Imagine a musical cross between Mogwai and The Dirty Three, with the addition of a female vocalist, and Sean's whimsical, sorrowful, heartfelt and inspired spoken word, and you'll have some idea of just how much I was enthralled...." - Richard Watts (3RRR)

On the night of the Manchester Lane performance a VERY limited CD of last year's Melbourne Fringe Festival performance will be available.
One track from this CD, Tattooing The Surface Of The Moon can be listened to at www.myspace.com/deathtoyourdreams
Tell your friends & come down on the 19th for what should be a memorable night.


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