Thursday, July 20, 2006

monkey punch dinosaur!

for my latest online publishing credit visit here.
it's not really poetry.
or is it?

* after i posted this entry it was brought to my attention by my good friend Michael Nolan that without a little bit of background my comic strip did not really make a lot of sense. This is true. Not that all things need to make sense but for the sake of... something or other, i will give you a bit of background anyway. My good friend Adam Ford decided one day recently to create a blog that only contains pictures of monkeys punching dinosaurs. Why? Because this is the sort of thing that Adam Ford does. Bless him. The blog has the rather cryptic title of Monkey Punch Dinosaur and relys on contributions from people. For the sake of... i don't know... (science maybe?) I decided to contribute a little comic strip based around... you guessed it... a monkey punching a dinosaur. My strip is loosely based around the Socceroos losing to Italy in the recent World Cup.
Hope that clears some things up for you, including that nasty rash.


Anonymous said...

I find it so incredibly dull when artists are made to explain their art, thought processess and general quirks! Besides which it is irrelevant and can quite often be disapointing.
Tell your friend Michael to search his creative soul for hs own answer. either that or go take some lessons!

Barney Danger said...

Concrats on your awesome gig last week! Enough of the brown nosing, I got a website to plug, u might find it interesting I Love Hara-Kiri some weird french shit, also u should vote for yr soul patch on the Big and Beardy facial hair poll Big and Beardy. Cheers, you're the Man!