Sunday, July 02, 2006

Going Down Swinging #23 out now!!


The new issue of Going Down Swinging was launched last week at Yelza. I meant to plug the launch beforehand but forget, so instead I'll just plug the book itself now. GDS collects together the most exciting writing and spoken word from all across the country and have been doing so for quite some time now. I have a track on the CD this year, my spoken word tribute to American singer songwriter Elliot Smith. Also on the CD and in the book are amazingly talented individuals such as Klare Lanson, David Prater, Emilie Zoey Baker, Jane Ormond, Andy Jackson, Paul Mitchell and Grant Caldwell, to name but a few. This also marks the last issue for editor and spoken word superstar, alicia sometimes. I think you would find GDS at most independent bookstores and if you can't, I know for sure that Collector's Corner at 240 Swanston St, Melbourne definitely have it.


fizzlesticks said...

and the room filled with birds

I picked up a copy of GDS last weekend, and am addicted to the CD. 'Dear Elliot' is the track that keeps haunting me, in a good way; you encapsulated exactly how I feel about Elliot's music. I look forward to hearing more of your work at the QLD Poetry Festival.

Zen (Fizzlesticks)

Sean M Whelan said...

Hey there Zen, thanks so much for kind words! I'm really looking forward to the QPF. Please introduce yourself if you come to any of my gigs. cheers. SMW.

fizzlesticks said...
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