Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I heart Manchester Lane

Here's my long overdue post on my last gig with the Mime Set at the lush setting of Manchester Lane. The gig went exceptionally well and I'd like to take a moment to thank anybody reading this who happened to be there on the night for coming along to support us. It was a great crowd. I felt so blessed to share a stage with five incredibly talented musicians such as Andrew Watson, Sam Wareing, Chris Chapple, Justin Avery and Jon Shannon. It was the third time we've performed the show and definitely the best we've performed so far. I also felt confident this time that I wasn't going to forget any of my poetry! This allowed me to take my time and enjoy the gig a lot more too. (I even added some terrible dance moves at no extra charge.)


Barney Danger said...

... and the reviews read: "Good time had by all!" nice work rock star!

Anonymous said...

hmmm. looks like hate might be the new love.