Thursday, January 13, 2005

Don't wait, just relocate.

I moved to Thornbury.
Went for a walk down High St on a public holiday.
Found this old record shop, they just moved somewhere too, away from here.
An elderly couple walked by, watching me watching the store that wasn't there anymore.
I'm becoming addicted to spaces that once were... but now ain't.
Like the warm hollow in a bed left by somebody just a moment ago.
The weight of memory and presence.


Anonymous said...

I lived in Thornbury one.

It is now a space that once was, but now ain't.

The share house is occupied by a family and the guys who lived there are somewhere else, I don't know where.

On summer days, when the northly blows hot and you are at the right end of St Georges Road - all you can smell is fried chicken.

Inky said...

fantastic. one of the best written pieces ive read on here. wish i could write like that.

Anonymous said...

Yay, Thornbury! Are you having many Fitzroy withdrawals? if so, Punters Club Jnr isn't far from you - just down the road in Northcote at the Commercial Hotel, next door to Bar 303.

Keep an eye out for signage spelling errors. High Street is notorious.

jane. said...

* welcome back, if i can possibly say that. it's nice to read your ability to write beautiful things again.

Sean M Whelan said...

Thanks very much for the comments above. I know that avenue of fried chicken smells in Thornbury! Luckily I'm not in that area, I'm a little further up the road.

Thanks Inky and Jane your very kind words. It's great to be back writing and blogging again. Through the period of moving house I lost internet access for a while hence my absence.

I do miss Fitzroy a little, but I'm loving the change of pace in Thornbury and looking forward to finding all the cool little digs on High St!

Monkey Girl said...

Cool piece Seany. But hang on... Isn't Thornbury just a nice way of saying ...
Or are you on the right side of the street? he he ;-)