Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Introducing Morris Fox Whelan

My brand new nephew.
Step off fools because this one's a little outlaw.
Look out suckers, here comes my little man Mofo.
Because every now and then,
there comes into this world
... a hero.
One day this innocent looking boy will lead us into battle
and save all of mankind from the evil robot army.
Just as soon as he can wipe his own arse.
We love you Mo!


Anonymous said...

...and just as soon as he gets out from underneath that winne-the-pooh doona!

children are made to grab you by the throat and some your humanity in your face.

I hope you learn much from Morris.

jane. said...

* precious child. it's nice to feel safe from evil robot armies.

Sean M Whelan said...

I'm already learning much from Morris and yes, he does make me feel safe.

Anonymous said...

he's gonna have the best nickname around...MOFO!!!
guess who i am?
your clue: i am totally in spaceland

Sean M Whelan said...

Ummmm... Neil Armstrong?
Damn, I suck at these puzzle things.
More clues!
Yeah, Mofo is a killer nickname.
All shall bow before Mofo.